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Roger Sr

Roger is a second generation owner of Coral Pools. He took over the company from his father who started the business in 1960. Roger has worked in the business since he was a kid and bought the company from his dad in 1990. Roger has decades of experience in the pool industry and is the "go to" guy when you need a professional.


May is Roger's wife and is a Co-owner of Coral Pools. May has been in the business since 1990 and not only has extensive knowledge of how to care for a pool but manages the office as well.

Roger Jr

Roger Jr is the third generation family member working at Coral Pools. He very well could be the first one that greets you when you walk in the door. Roger Jr has extensive knowledge on water chemistry and equipment repair. This is how we know our customers are getting the professional knowledge they need to keep their pool in the best shape all year long!


Lei is the workhorse behind the scenes! Lei answers the phones, sorts out the customers' needs, writes work orders, handles the filing, billing, and shipping of products to our customers all over the world! 


Bryan is the son-in-law. Family by marriage and getting involved in the business! Bryan is an Engineer with the Fire Department and is using his skills in hydraulics and applying them to the pool industry. He has a passion for technology and is using that to help people connect to their pools using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.   

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