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Swimming Pool Maintenance

Whether you just need a little help from our certified water chemistry technicians or you're looking for a full service approach so you can just sit back and enjoy the pool. Coral Pools has the option you're looking for. Give us a call for a quote on our pool services.

Ask about our 11 & 1 program; pay for 11 months in advance and get 1 month free!

Service and Repair

Equipment service and repair can ruin a great summer day! Let us help you keep your equipment performing so you can just enjoy the water!

We have trained technicians that are able to repair or replace heaters, pumps and other major pool equipment. We can also help with minor leak detection and repair.


Come visit our retail store and see Roger Jr. Whether you have a question about a "do-it-yourself" project or you're just looking for the best product. We have decades of combined experience and can help you get the job done right!

Did you know that by switching your pool pump to a variable speed pump you will literally use a fraction of the energy? A variable speed pump uses 1/8th of the energy a standard single speed pump uses in the same amount of time! For the average single speed pump that's like having twenty 100w light bulbs on in your house and then turning off 17 of them! When you add this up for the entire year it translates to savings in thousands of dollars! Coral Pools is a Certified PG&E Aquatic Equipment Installer. Contact us today to schedule a FREE estimate!

If you have a smartphone or a tablet, or just want to control your pool from your computer, we have the solutions to make that happen. We specialize in mobile solutions to keep you connected to your pool when you want to be.

Reviews- City Search

"Quick and helpful people who KNOW what they are doing!. They solved my pool problem fast and with great advice! My pool was so green it could have been a swamp. I had been shocking the pool day in day out and nothing was happening. I went to Coral pools and explained my problem to them and they quickly figured it out and sent someone out to fix it."       - wilco1972

"Competent and helpful pool folks. A drain cap failed (cracked) on my 4 yr. old Jandy pool filter. I discovered the problem while reassembling the unit after cleaning the filter. Leslie Pool told me the cap was no longer available and I had to replace the entire bottom filter housing assembly for $429. I then checked with a reputable facility in Walnut Creek. From his research it wasn't clear to him whether the part was still available. He recommended Coral Pool, a Jandy dealer. What a find!! Between the young man that initially waited on me to the middle age fellow that joined the quest for the part, I knew I was at the right place. My total bill was $9 for a couple of used parts "from the back". Problem solved and one happy customer. Both of these fellows were innovative, helpful and reassuring. Since 80% of my four year old system is manufactured by Jandy, these folks have just earned a happy new customer."       -Uncle Doug

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